Why Fundis link

We are the experts in our field. We link you to qualified and well equiped Handy Men and Women. We are Proffessionals
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How It Works

Its basically three simple steps

1: Select a service

From a list all the services we offer. Pick a service where your task/ Job fall in. Emergency services are also availalble at a small fee

2: Select a fundi

Choose a fundi based on the agent closest to you

3: Relax

Take a cup of coffee as you await our proffessionals do the work for you

Relax... You can trust Us

All our fundis are carefully selected through a rigorous interview process and are trained to offer high Quality Service to our clients.

Fundis are Certified & Background checked

Your Satisfaction is our Pleasure

Easy Payment method

Sign Up

We have 3 different accounts

1: Client Account

The Client account is primary for the app users. With the client account. Your can be able to book jobs via our web portal. A wallet account is automatically created for you. you can then top up the account and use your wallet to pay for services.
Create a Client Account

2: Agent Account

This account is for individuals or organizations who have a resources or items which can help solve particular challenges faced by our clients.

Create an Agent Account

3: Fundi Account

The fundi account is primarily for individuals with a particular skill or capabilities. Fundis will get jobs from the platforms based on their speciality

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